Montréal, July 2, 2014 – Le Petit Navire will set sail for an 11th season this year off the shores of Old Port of Montreal, and to celebrate its second decade of operations, a new deal will be offered to visitors of the Old Montreal and Lachine Canal area this summer. From Friday to Sunday, Le Petit Navire will have full access to the Lachine Canal, a route that will go as far as the Atwater Market!

A fixture on the Lachine canal since 2005, Le Petit Navire is no stranger to a voyage from Old Montreal, regularly sailing past the second locks of the Lachine Canal. For the first time in its history, the boating tour will set off from Old Montreal with Atwater Market as its destination, a new program put in motion with collaborators Parks Canada.

“We are very happy to offer a new product to tourists and Montrealers,” affirmed the president and owner of Le Petit Navire, Sylvain Angers. “The Lachine Canal is a water way that doesn’t get a lot of cruise ship traffic, and we feel that our boats are an ideal size to navigate it.”

A gateway to a network of canals, and the very birthplace of industry in Montreal, the Lachine Canal carries with it 150 years of history and tradition. Le Petit Navire invites you to come explore with us as we trek through a system of locks aboard a zero-pollution boat.

From Friday to Sunday, Le Petit Navire will set sail from the Jacques-Quartier Pier at 11:30AM en route to Atwater Market. Return time back to the Old Port is scheduled for approximately 2PM. One-way, return-only and round-trip fares will be available for purchase.          For more details, visit us at

In addition to our voyage down the Lachine Canal, Le Petit Navire will continue its excursions in the Old Port of Montreal. The Old Port tour (45 minutes) and the firework tour (1½ hours) will also be available. All information can be found here:

About Le Petit Navire

Setting sail from the Jacques-Quartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal, Le petit Navire and Le Petit Navire II are non-polluting, electric boats. A large number of batteries are recharged nightly aboard the vessels, helping power the electric motors.

Sailing through the waters of Montreal’s Old Port, Lachine Canal and St. Laurent River with an environmentally friendly mindset, Le petit Navire is a perfect activity for families, groups of friends, or colleagues who want to explore Montreal in a new and adventurous way. Every year, from May to October, several tours are offered to the public, but so to are private, catered affairs. Maybe a fairy tale wedding boat tour is in your future…?


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